Saint Ambrose and Saint Peter's Homilies

In the final words of Saint Matthew's Gospel account, Jesus told His disciples,
"Go throughout the world and make disciples of all nations, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you."
Listening to and sharing weekly homilies is a great way to evangelize our faith with family and friends who are not able to attend weekly Mass.

As Saint Paul reminds us in Romans 10:17, "Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God."

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Father Marchand Cycle_C_15th_ordinary_071022 Good Samaritan is a Teaching Moment to Understand Discipleship
Father Marchand Cycle_C_16th_ordinary_071722 Martha and Mary - A Textbook Example Why We Should Not Judge Others
Father Marchand Cycle_C_17th_ordinary_072422 Lord Teach Us How to Pray - Not an Optional Daily Priority
Father Marchand Cycle_C_18th_ordinary_073122 DANGER: When Our Materialistic World Takes Priorty Over God
Father Marchand Cycle_C_19th_ordinary_080722 When We Do Not Put God in First Each Day
Deacon Bob Pladek Cycle_C_21th_ordinary_082122 What Exactly is the Narrow Gate that Jesus Spoke about Regarding Heaven?
Father Marchand Cycle_C_22nd_ordinary_082822 Why Is Humility Considered a Great Virtue Treasure?
Father Marchand Cycle_C_23rd_ordinary_090422 Sin is Anything that Moves God Out of First Place in Our Lives
Father Marchand Cycle_C_24th_ordinary_091122 Catholic Teaching is against ARTICLE 22 Vote to amend state constitution legalizing Reproductive Liberty Abortion Rights up to birth.
Deacon Bob Pladek Cycle_C_25th_ordinary_091822 Are We a Fair and Honest Steward 100% of the Time?
Father Marchand Cycle_C_26th_ordinary_092522 Are We Ready for the Final Judgment?
Father Marchand On Vacation ....................100222 No Recording
Father Marchand Cycle_C_28th_ordinary_100922 Living an Attitude of Gratitude
Father John Tokaz Cycle_C_29th_ordinary_101622 Persistence in Prayer
Father Marchand Cycle_C_30th_ordinary_102322 First Holy Communion Blessing of Rosaries as We Remember Pope Pius 10th Who Encouraged Frequent Reception of Holy Eucharist
Father Patrick Foreman Cycle_C_32nd_ordinary_110622 Jesus Corrects Those Who Doubt the Resurrection and Eternal Life
Father Marchand Cycle_C_33rd_ordinary_111322 PERSEVERENCE - Lord, Give Me the Grace to Follow You Just One More Day
Deacon Bob Pladek Cycle_C_34th_Christ_the_King_112022 Feast of Christ the King - My Heart, Christ's Home
Father Marchand Cycle_A_1st_advent_112722 Be Ready - Be Alert, for We Know Not When Jesus Will Come Again