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Year C 051213 - Mother's Day Thanksgiving Mass    Thanksgiving Mass Mother's Day Homily
Thanks to All Who Helped Make This Day Possible Thanksgiving Mass Final Remarks
Year C 051913 - Pentecost Homily (Holy Spirit Empowers Our Lives)  Pentecost
Year C 061613 - 11th Sunday Ordinary Time (Sinful Woman and Pharisee) C_11th_Ordinary_Time
Year C 072313 - 16th Sunday Ordinary Time (Martha & Mary - Discipleship) C_16th_Ordinary_Time
Year C 082013 - 20th Sunday Ordinary Time (Our Mission as Church) C_20th_Ordinary_Time
Year C 091513 - 24th Sunday Ordinary Time (Repentance) C_24th_Ordinary_Time
Year C 102013 - 29th Sunday Ordinary Time (Faith and the Necessity of Prayer) C_29th_Ordinary_Time
Year C 111713 - 33rd Sunday Ordinary Time (Persevering in Faith Until the End) C_33rd_Ordinary_Time
Year A 121513 - 3rd Advent Sunday (Rejoice! Our Salvation is Near!) A_3rd_Advent_Gaudete_Sunday
Year A 011914 - 2nd Ordinary Time (Baptism Commissions Us to Make Disciples of all Nations) A_2nd_Sunday_Ordinary_Time_Baptism_Empowerment_by_the_Holy_Spirit
Year A 022314 - 7th Ordinary Time (Jesus - Sermon on the Mount - Who Is My Neighbor?) A_7th_Sunday_Ordinary_Time_Everyone_Is_My_Neighbor
Year A 031614 - 2nd Lent - (Transformation of Jesus - A Peak Spiritual Experience for Us) A_2nd_Sunday_Lent_Transformation of Jesus is Our Transformation Too
Year A LENT - Stations of the Cross - With reflections from Mary's Point of View Stations of the Cross - Mary Witnesses Her Son Crucified
Year A 041914 -  Easter Vigil - (Exsultet)  A_Easter_Vigil_Exsultet
Year A 041914 - Easter Vigil - (Two women - An Empty Tomb Changed Their Lives) A_Easter_Vigil_Two Women An Empty Tomb Changed Their Lives
Year A 042714 - Divine Mercy Sunday - (Receiving God's Mercy - Giving God's Mercy) A_Mercy_Sunday_Receiving_God's_Mercy_Giving_God's Mercy
Year A 051714 - 5th Sunday Easter - (The Roadmap that Leads to Our Heavenly Home) A_5th_Sunday_Easter_The_Roadmap_and_Landmarks_of_Faith
Year A 061514 - Trinity Sunday - (Consider the Forest Instead of Trees)  -  June 15, 2014 A_Feast_of_the_Most_Holy_Trinity_Seeing_the_Forest_Instead_of_Trees
Year A 072014 - 16th Sunday Ordinary Time - (Weeds or Wheat?   Passing Our Final Exam) A_16th_Sunday_Ordinary_Time_Parable_of_the_Wheat_and_the_Weed
Year A 081714 - 20th Sunday Ordinary Time - (Canaanite Woman - Lord Help ME!) A_20th_Sunday_Ordinary_Time_Canaanite_Woman_Begs_Jesus_for_Miracle
Year A 092114 - 25th Sunday Ordinary Time - (Receiving Equal Pay in the Vineyard) A_25th_Sunday_Ordinary_Time_  Parable About Workers in the Vineyard
Year A 100914 - Communion Breakfast Homily (Inviting the Holy Spirit into My Life) A_Communion_Breakfast_Inviting_the_Holy_Spirit_Into_My_Life
Year A 111614 - 33rd Sunday Ordinary Time - (One / Two / Five  Talents - Our Response) A_33rd_Sunday_Ordinary_Time_-  Using Our Talents
Year B 122114 - 4th Advent - What is Our Fiat - Our Yes to God's Will in Our Life? B_4th_Advent_Saying_Yes_to_God's_Will_in_Life
Year B 011815 - 2nd Ordinary - Called to be a Disciple of Jesus Christ B_2nd_Ordinary_Called_to_be_a_Disciple_of_Jesus_Christ
Year B 021515 - 6th Ordinary - Who is the Leper in Our Lives? B_6th_Ordinary_Who is the Leper In Our Lives?
Year B 031515 - 4th Lent - For God So Loved the World B_4th_Lent_For_God_So_Loved_The_World
Year B 040415 - EASTER Vigil - When the Impossible Becomes Possible B_EASTER_Vigil_When_the_Impossible_Becomes_Possible
Year B 041915 - 3rd Sunday Easter - Resurrection Leads to Forgiveness of Sins B_3rd_Easter_Resurrection_Leads_Us_to_Forgiveness_of_Sins
Year B 051715 - 7th Sunday Easter - Jesus Creates the Priesthood  - One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic B_7th_Easter_Priesthood_One_Holy_Catholic_Apostolic
Year B 062115 - 12th Sunday Ordinary - Maintaining Our Faith in the Midst of a Storm B 12th Ordinary Maintaining Our Faith in the Midst of a Storm
Year B 071915 - 16th Sunday Ordinary - What do we hunger for in life? B 16th Ordinary What Do We Hunger for in Life?
Year B 081615 - 20th Sunday Ordinary - Is the Eucharist a Symbol or Really Jesus? B 20th Ordinary Is the Eucharist a Symbol or Really Jesus?
Year B 111515 - 33rd Sunday Ordinary - All Bad News -  Is There Any Good News? B 33rd_Ordinary_Good_News_in_a_Bad_News_World
Year C 122015 - 4th Sunday Advent - Our Yes to God C 4th_Advent_Our Yes to God
Year C 011716 - 2nd Ordinary - Our Story as a Witness to Jesus C 2nd_Ordinary Our Story as a Witness to Jesus
Year C 021016 - Ash Wednesday - Why is Lent important in our lives? C Ash_Wednesday_Why is Lent Important in Our Lives?
Year C 022116 - 2nd Lent - The Transfiguration in My Life C 2nd_Lent_The_Transfiguration_in_My_life
Year C 032716 - EASTER - Be Not Afraid - God Has a Plan C EASTER_Be_Not_Afraid_God_Has_a_Plan
Year C 041716 - 4th Easter - Jesus, Our Good Shepherd - A love Story C 4th_Easter_Jesus_Our_Good_Shepherd_A_Love_Story
Year C 051516 - PENTECOST - Receiving and Using Our Gifts C PENTECOST_Receiving_and_Using_Our_Gifts
Year C 061916 - 12th Ordinary - Who do WE Say Jesus Is? C 12th_Ordinary_Who_Do_We_Say_Jesus_Is?
Year C 071716 - 16th Ordinary - Changing Our Filters to Understand the Value of Discipleship C 16th_Ordinary_Rearranging_Life_Expectations to Embrace Discipleship
Year C 082116 - 21st Ordinary - What is Required to Obtain Salvation? C 21st_Ordinary_What_Is_Required_To_Obtain_Salvalation?
Year C 112016 - 34 FEAST OF CHRIST THE KING  - My Heart Christ's Home C 34th_FEAST_OF_CHRIST_THE_KING_My_Heart_Christ's_Home
Year A 121816 - 4th Advent  - Persevering in Faith During the Storms of Life A_4th_Advent_Perseverance_in_Faith_During_the_Storms_of_Life
Year A 021917 - 7th Ordinary  - Who is My Neighbor? A_7th_Ordinary_Who_is_My_Neighbor?
Year A 030117 - Ash Wednesday - Getting My Spiritual Tuneup for Lent A_Ash_Wednesday_Getting_My_Spiritual_Tuneup_for_Lent
Year A 031917 - 3rd Lent - A God Moment in our Lives A_3rd_Lent_A_God_Moment_in_Our_Lives
Year A 041617 - EASTER - What Are We Searching for This Easter? A_EASTER_What_Are_We_Searching_for_This_Easter?
Year A 052117 - 6th Easter - Jesus Gave Us An Estate Plan A_6th_Easter_Jesus_Gave_Us_An_Estate_Plan
Year A 061817 - Feast of Corpus Christi - Jesus Present in the Holy Eucharist A_FEAST_OF_THE_BODY_OF_CHRIST
Year A 071617 - 15th Ordinary - Parable of Sower, Seed, Four Soils A_15th_Ordinary_Parable_Of_Sower_Seed_And_Four_Soils
Year A 082017 - 20th Ordinary - Extraordinary Faith -  Healing A_20th_Ordinary_Canannite_Woman_Begs_Jesus_to_Heal_Her_Daughter
Year A 092417 - 24th Ordinary - Finding Jesus on Death Row A_24th_Ordinary_Finding_Jesus_on_Death_Row
Year A 101517 - FEAST OF SAINT LUKE - Parish 35th Anniversary A_FEAST_OF_SAINT_LUKE_35_YEARS
Year B 121717 - 3rd Advent Gaudete Sunday - Living a Joyful Life B_3rd_Advent_Gaudete_Sunday_Living_a_Joyful_Life
Year B 012118 - 3rd Ordinary - Repentance B_3rd_Ordinary_Repentance
Year B 021418 - Ash Wednesday - Our Lenten GPS B_Ash Wednesday - Our Lenten GPS
Year B 022118 - 1st Lent - Journey with the Holy Spirit  B_1st_Lent_Journey_with_the_Holy_Spirit
Year B 031818 - 5th Lent - Social Justice and Issue of Violence B_5th_Lent_Sir_We_Want_To_See_Jesus
Year B 032918 - HOLY THURSDAY - Three Realities B_HOLY_THURSDAY_Three_Realities
Year B 033118 - EASTER VIGIL - Unconditional Love B_EASTER_VIGIL_Unconditional_Love
Year B 052018 - PENTECOST- Holy Spirit, How Shall We Respond? B_PENTECOST_How_Shall_We_Respond?
Year B 061718 - 11th Ordinary Planting Seeds of Faith B_11th_Ordinary_Planting_Seeds_of_Faith

Year B 071518 - 15th_Ordinary_What_Shall_We_Follow_In_Life


Year B 081918 - 20th_Ordinary_Jesus_Is_the_Living_Bread


Year B 091618 - 24th_Ordinary_Who_Do_You_Say_Jesus_Is?


Year B 102118 -29thOrdinary_Choosing_God's_Plan_for_Our_Lives

B_29th_Ordinary_Choosing_God's Path_for_Our_Lives

Year B 111818 - 33rd_Ordinary_Are_We_Ready_for_Eternity?


Year C 121618 - 3rd_Advent_Messiah_Will_Set_the_Captive_Free


Year C 021719 - 6th_Ordinary_Giving_It_All_to_Jesus


Year C 030619 - Ash_Wednesday_Turn_from_Sin_to_the_Gospel


Year C 031719 - 2nd_Lent_Prayer_Transforms_Our_Lives

Year C 041819 - Holy Thursday - Three Realities C_Holy_Thursday_Three_Realities
Year C 042019 - Easter - A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words C_EASTER_A_Picture_Is_Worth_A_Thousand_Words
Year C 051919 - 5th_Easter_Love_One_Another C_5th_Easter_Love_One_Another
Year C 061619 - Trinity_Sunday_Holy_Spirit_in_Us C_Trinity_Sunday_Holy_Spirit_in_Us
Year C 072119 - 16th_Ordinary_Giving_Jesus_First_Place_In_Life C_16th_Ordinary_Giving_Jesus_First_Place_In_Our_Lives

Year C 081819 - 20th_Ordinary_Jesus_Came_to_Set_the_World_on_Fire


 Year C 091519 - 24th_Ordinary_Rejoice_the_Lost_is_Found


Year C 111719 - 33rd_Ordinary_Persevering_Faith_in_Jesus

Year A 121519 - 3rd_Advent_Rejoice_in_Jesus A_3rd_Advent_Rejoice_in_Jesus
Year A 011920 - 2nd_Ordinary_Behold_the_Lamb_of_God A_2nd_Ordinary_Behold_the_Lamb_of_God
Year A 021620 - 6th_Ordinary_Choose_God's_Plan_for_Our_Lives A_6th_Ordinary_Choose_God's_Plan_for_Our_Lives
Year A 022620 - ASH WEDNESDAY A Spiritual Tuneup A_ASH_WEDNESDAY_A_Spiritual_Tuneup
Year A 031520 - 3rd_Lent_God_Moments_in_Our_Lives A_3rd_Lent_God_Moments_in_Our_Lives
Year A 040920 - HOLY_THURSDAY_Three_Important_Realities A_HOLY_THURSDAY_Three_Important_Realities
Year A 041020 -GOOD_FRIDAY_Coronavirus_We_Need_a_Vaccine A_GOOD_FRIDAY_Coronavirus_We_All_Need_This_Vaccine
Year A 041120 - EASTER_VIGIL_What_Are_We_Searching_For? A_EASTER_VIGIL_What_Are_We_Searching_For
Year A 041920 - DIVINE_MERCY_Forgive_Without_Revenge A_DIVINE_MERCY_Forgive_Without_Revenge
Year B 101021 - 28th_Ordinary_What_is_our_Greatest_Treasure? B_28th_Ordinary_What_Is_Our_Greatest_Treasure
Year B 111421 - 33rd_Ordinary_are_we_ready_for_eternity?  B_33rd_Ordinary_Are_We_Ready_for_Eternity?
Year C 121221 -3rd_Advent_A_Soul_Finds_Her_Way_Back_to_God C_3rd_Advent_A_Soul_Finds_Her_Way_Back_to_God
Year C 011622 - 2nd_Ordinary_A_Timeless_Wedding_Story_Treas... C_2nd_Ordinary_A_Timeless_Wedding_Story_We_Can_All_Treasure
Year C 030222 - ASH_WEDNESDAY A Time to Return to Basics C_ASH_WEDNESDAY_A_Time_to_Return_to_Basics
Year C 030622 - 1st Lent - Resisting Satan's Temptations in Our Life C_1st_Lent_Resisting_Satan's_Temptations_in_Our_Lives
Year C 041422 -  HOLY THURSDAY - Triduum - Liturgical High Point C_HOLY_THURSDAY_Triduum_Liturgical_High_Point_for_the_Church
Year C 050822 - 4th Easter - Do We Listen and Follow Jesus? C_4th_Easter_Do_We_Listen_and_Follow_Jesus_as_Good_Shepherd
Year C 061222 TRINITY_Understanding_Father, Son, Holy Spirit C_Holy_Trinity_Understand_Father_Son_and_Holy_Spirit
Year C 070322 14th Ordinary Helping Each Other Build the Kingdom C_14th_Ordinary_Helping_Each_Other_Build_the_Kingdom_of_God
Year C 082122 21st Ordinary What Exactly is the Narrow Gate? C_21st_Ordinary_What_Exactly_is_the_Narrow_Gate
Year C 091822 25th Ordinary Are We a Fair and Honest Steward? C_25th_Ordinary_Are_We_a_Fair_and_Honest_Steward
Year C 111822 34th Feast Christ the King - New Year Resolution C_34th_Feast_Christ_the_King_What_is_My_New_Year_Resolution?
Year A 121822 4th Advent - Existential Crisis or Persevering Faith A_4th_Advent_Do_We_Respond_to_Existential_Crisis_with_Persevering_Faith?
Year A 011523 2nd Ordinary - A Story of One Who Survived A_2nd_Ordinary_A_Story_of_One_Who_Survived_Abortion
Year A 022623 1st Lent - Playing by the Rules A_1st_Lent_Playing_by_the_Rules
Year A 031923 4th Lent - Allowing Jesus to Change Our Lives A_4th_Lent_Allowing_Jesus_to_Change_Our_Lives
Year A 040823 Easter - What Are We Searching for in Life? A_EASTER_What_Are_We_Searching_for_in_life?
Year A 041623 2nd Easter - Divine Mercy Sunday A_2nd_EASTER_Divine_Mercy_Sunday
Year A 061823 11th Ordinary - Do Miracles Still Happen? A_11th_Ordinary_Do_Miracles_Still_Happen?
Year A 070923 14th Ordinary -Journey From the Head to the Heart A_14th_Ordinary_Journey_from_the_Head_to_the_Heart
Year A 082023 20th Ordinary - A Story of Faith, Hope and Healing A_20th_Ordinary_A_Story_of_Faith_Hope_and_Healing
Year A 091723 24th Ordinary - Forgiveness - Decision of the Heart A_24th_Ordinary_Forgiveness_A_Decision_of_the_Heart
Year A 091723 Healed by the Eucharist and Precious Blood Healed_by_the_Eucharist_and_Precious_Blood
Year A 101523 28th Ordinary - Invitation to King's Wedding Feast A_28th_Ordinary_Invitation_to_the_King's_Wedding_Feast
Year A 111923 33rd Ordinary - TIME - A Priceless Treasure to Show God's Love in the World A_33rd_Ordinary_TIME_a_Priceless_Treasure_to_Show_God's_Love
Year B 121723 Advent - REJOICE - in God is the Joy of My Soul B_3rd_Advent_Rejoice_in_God_is_the_Joy_of_My_Soul
Year B 012124 3rd Ordinary- Prophetic Voice Calls for Conversion B_3rd_Ordinary_A_Prophetic_Voice_Calls_Us_to_Conversion
Year B 021824 1st Lent - Taking Time for a Spiritual Tuneup B_1st_Lent_Taking_Time_for_a_Spiritual_Tuneup
Year B 031724 5th Lent - Sir, We Want to See Jesus B_5th_Lent_Sir_We_Want_to_See_Jesus
Year B 032924 Good Friday - The Only Cure for Sin B_Good Friday - The Only Cure for Sin
Year B 042124 4th Easter - Are We Willing to Be a Good Shepherd B_4th_Easter - Are We Willing to Be a Good Shepherd to Others?
Year B 051924 Pentecost - Celebrating God's Love - Holy Spirit B_Pentecost - Celebrating God's Love - The Holy Spirit
Year B 060924 Making a Rush to Judgment B_10th_Ordinary - Making a Rush to Judgment
Year B 072124 What Do We Hunger for Most in Life? B_16th_Ordinary - What Do We Hunger for Most in Life?

Elizabeth Pladek Cantor

Elizabeth Pladek
Professional Singer for Catholic Liturgy
Serving New Jersey Catholic Churches in Monmouth and Ocean Counties

Over 30 years as a professionally trained soprano
Lead Cantor for special Catholic Liturgies
Available anytime from Monday through Saturday

Fluent in English, Italian, French, Latin, German, Spanish, Polish


Elizabeth Pladek Leading Song

About Deacon Bob:    Deacon Bob Pladek is a retired Distinguished Member of Technical Staff with 34 years at Bell Laboratories.    His career spanned digital signal processing,  product realization for small private branch exchange phone systems, large central office telephone switching systems, fiber optics, and data transmission protocols.   As a expert in both hardware design and software programming languages, Deacon Bob is fluent in seven programming langauges throughout his career.  In his efforts to use these skills to proclaim the Gospel, Deacon Bob began  and back in 1987;  he produced over 750 programs that span a wide range of topics that cover church history, scripture, conversion stories, along with educational videos for every age group.   New Jersey Video and Catholic Focus continued to expand over the years, and added digital editing capabilities along with DVD and CD replication.

Deacon Bob has Patents in the art of broadcast television, and is a forensics expert in audio to analyze evidence in courtroom cases.

Currently, Deacon Bob uses the Internet to communicate the Gospel worldwide using:  Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Vimeo, Yelp, Google, YahooGodTube, and other popular sites.